Tuesday, November 9, 2010

House Number: FI-11-02

Ms. L is an 81-year-old homeowner who has a disability. She has lived in her Baltimore City home for 56 years (zip code 21212), and her son is currently living with her. She has received weatherization services from another organization but is still in need of some priority repairs that will make her home warmer, safer, and drier.

Repair Needs:
1.) Install railing on stairs to front porch
2.) Install deadbolt on front door ^
3.) Weather seal front door ^
4.) Replace screen on front storm door ^
5.) Replace lock side of frame on back door ^
6.) Replace leaky supply line on toilet in second floor bathroom ^
7.) Contain exposed wire and secure outlets to the wall in basement

8.) Cement wall to basemen door collapsing- remove existing cement and pour new ^

Skills Needed: Handy, Electrical