Tuesday, November 16, 2010

House Number: FI-11-07

Ms. B is a 50-year-old homeowner living in Baltimore City (zip code 21225). Her 22-year-old son lives with her. Ms. B has multiple disabilities which affect her mobility, and as a result she must walk with a cane or crutches. She has lived in her home for her entire life and needs some help maintaining it.

Repair Needs:
1.) Weatherseal front door
2.) Replace ceiling fan in dining room
3.) Replace light fixture in basement bathroom
4.) Replace toilet guts in basement bathroom (homeowner has the parts)
5.) Replace faucet in downstairs bathroom
6.) Troubleshoot electrical outlets in front bedroom (under window and near closet)
7.) Replace and caulk window sill and trim on rear porch
8.) Secure pneumatic closers to door on rear porch

Skills Needed: Handy, Electrical